“Any Port in The Storm.” Dealing with concepts of space, sculpture and isolation, Any Port draws on many of the fundamental elements present in much of Alex’s work. In previous multi-monitor works, Alex has brought in elements of nature – stones, and steel to tie the work to the natural world. With Any Port, Alex is bringing the work to the natural world.

Any Port In The Storm was mounted in a semi-subterranian building, constructed specifically for the piece. Approximately two hours north of Winnipeg, the work was mounted on 14 acres of land, where the building helped exemplify the concepts of shelter and survival present in the work.

“The elements move back and forth, through chambers and sound echoes off the walls… at one point, you are in a room with a baby looking out of a crib – soft focused eyes. The structure becomes womb-like through soft light of the video and sounds of curtains blowing… the distant sound of children playing somewhere outside.”

“Outside of your vision, you hear sounds of winter – ice cracking, footsteps in the crisp snow making the structure seem cold and barren. You walk around to have a look.”